Meet our new Fellow, Dr. Brian Nguyen!

BrianWe are very excited to welcome one of our new family planning fellows, Dr. Brian Nguyen!

Brian grew up in California. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology and Master’s degree in Sociology at Stanford University. He then attended Brown University for medical school. Brian’s educational experiences led him to believe that family planning, family dinner, and family-focused fathers contributed to his success, and so he has focused his medical career on the factors that contribute to forming happy families.

He has published research on men’s attitudes towards emergency contraception and the need for promoting vasectomy as an equally effective and cost-effective method of sterilization. He hopes to continue research that creates a positive role for men in women’s health. His male perspective and interest in male involvement is unique, and we are lucky to have him here!

Brian enjoys teaching and is looking forward to the high-powered academics of our program. He was initially drawn to the University of Chicago because it is one of the only fellowships in family planning with a specific interest in the cross section of media and sexual and reproductive health. He hopes to further research this niche in family planning and explore contemporary ways to provide low cost, sustainable, far-reaching interventions.

Brian also hopes to increase his body of literature during his time in the program. One of his career goals is to write about women’s health–from a male perspective, for men–as a means to sensitize and raise awareness among the lay male public.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys cooking (more as an excuse to gather people and share life and stories). He also runs a business creating birth mementos, which can be found here.

He speaks English, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

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