Game Changer Chicago Announces “Bystander” and “Smoke Stacks”

Smoke Stacks playtest

Members of our GCC team playtest Smoke Stacks. Photo by Lauren Whalen

Ci3’s Game Changer Chicago Design Lab is proud to announce two work-in-progress games for youth.

Bystander is an interactive, computer-based narrative that seeks to empower youth to end sexual violence. The second game, Smoke Stacks is a board game designed to educate youth on the dangers of smoking and the role of tobacco companies in promoting use and addiction.

Learn more about past and present GCC projects here.

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Two featured ongoing projects include:
  • Bystander, an interactive, computer-based narrative that explores the role of the bystander in sexual violence scenarios
  • Smoke Stacks, which uses the Hexacago game board to educate teenagers about the dangers of smoking, from the perspective of the tobacco industry

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GCC’s Ashlyn Sparrow on Educational Game Design for Hive Chicago

Ashlyn at CCOL

Photo courtesy of the Chicago City of Learning

Ashlyn Sparrow, Lab Director for Game Changer Chicago (pictured above, center), blogged about educational game design for GCC partner Hive Chicago.

Sparrow discusses the design of the Hexacago game board and the development of Smoke Stacks, an anti-tobacco board game for teens.

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